The Jordan Porco Foundation has partnered with the Benny Fund to provide our 4 What’s Next program to select organizations at no cost. That’s right, there will be no licensing fee for selected organizations.

The qualification process is fairly easy. Simply complete the attached grant application and submit it to us before the deadline on June 15, 2019. Unfortunately, funding for this initiative is not unlimited and therefore not every organization that applies will be awarded the grant but we encourage you to submit your application for consideration.

4 What’s Next is a primary prevention program that builds psychological resiliency in high school students by giving them the tools to handle stress and distressnow and in their future. The core of the program is the 4 What’s Next Framework, which teaches students how to effectively handle distress by “reaching in” and utilizing independent coping strategies, “reaching out” by seeking and accepting help outside of themselves, or a combination of the two. This process is followed by an assessment of how well their chosen coping method is working and encourages them to reevaluate if needed.

Further instructions are included in the application.