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Primary Prevention Program for High School Students

4 What’s Next is a primary prevention program that builds psychological resiliency in high school students by giving them the tools to handle stress and distress now and in their future.

The core of the program is the 4 What’s Next Framework, which teaches students how to effectively handle distress by “reaching in” and utilizing independent coping strategies, “reaching out” by seeking and accepting help outside of themselves, or a combination of the two. This process is followed by an assessment of how well their chosen coping method is working and encourages them to reevaluate if needed.

By learning and applying the 4 What’s Next Framework to their own lives students will:

  • Identify individual manifestations of distress
  • Understand how internal and external stressors impact mental health
  • Build resilience by learning specific actions to improve mental wellness

4 What’s Next meets young adults where they are developmentally, equipping them with transferable skills that can help bridge the gap between “now” and “next.”

“This was a great experience and it really helped me connect with the students! The students in my group felt this should be a non-credit course for all seniors to take. They really enjoyed feedback from other members and navigating through the 4 What’s Next Framework!” 

– 4 What’s Next Program Facilitator