4 What’s Next has undergone a rigorous multi-year pilot phase in preparation for its full launch in January 2019. Here are just some of the schools, organizations, and agencies that have implemented 4 What’s Next pilots at their affiliated sites.

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Pilot Programs



4 What’s Next is creating and fostering conversations around mental health for young adults. Drawing from trends in the field emphasizing the important role emotional intelligence, life skills, and resilience play in the successful social/emotional transition beyond high school, we conducted multiple focus groups and surveys with students, parents, and administrators, as well as consulted with a health curriculum writer and clinical board to develop the original curriculum topics and content. We applied thoughtful feedback from multiple phases of pilot participants to continue to refine the curriculum into what it is today. It is making a difference.

Pre- and post-survey analysis indicates significant change in high school students’ knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of stress, distress, and mental health. Data suggests that after the program, participants are better equipped to handle stress and distress, and are more resilient because of it.

84% of pilot participants said they were more prepared to handle stress and distress after 4 What’s Next

4 What’s Next is a universal program that was designed to resonate with every student preparing for the transition beyond high school. It can be implemented in a variety of settings including high school classes, peer leader organizations.