The 4 What’s Next program is comprised of 5 learning modules and is delivered by one or more adult facilitators. Over the course of these modules, students will understand what distress looks like for them and develop or strengthen an internal locus of control related to their mental health and emotional wellbeing. They will gain skills for psychological resiliency such as self-advocacy, coping, and help-seeking and learn how to apply these skills to better manage conflict, time, and money as examples:

  • 5 learning modules, each 30 minutes in length – modules can be extended to include more student engagement
  • Modules can be delivered individually over time or in a half day workshop
  • Ideal student to facilitator ratio is 15:1 and no more than 30:1 is suggested
  • Suitable for a range of implementation settings including high school classes, peer leader organizations, youth service agencies, school clubs, youth groups, sports teams, etc.
  • Adaptable curriculum to meet the needs of special populations
  • Brief, confidential pre/post surveys assessing program effectiveness
  • Accessible program fee

Preparation and Support

The program is delivered by one or more adult facilitators who receive access to user-friendly preparation materials. Anyone, regardless of teaching experience or background knowledge of mental health can be a 4 What’s Next Facilitator. 4 What’s Next program facilitators will receive the following to aid in effective program delivery and assessment:

  • 1 remote training session provided by the Jordan Porco Foundation
  • 1 year license to access the complete downloadable evidence-informed program curriculum, including implementation guide, lesson plans, worksheets, and additional activities
  • Ongoing consultation and support from Jordan Porco Foundation staff
  • Analyzed survey data on program effectiveness