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Complete details for the following additional activities are provided to program facilitators who are able to expand the length of the modules to allow for deeper discussions and increased student engagement.


Relevant Module: Module 1
This team builder activity uses different versions of a high five to find partners in the group to get to know better.


Relevant Module: Module 1
This team builder activity helps students identify what they have in common with one another.


Relevant Module: Module 3
Find Your Way Out is an activity designed to help students understand that sometimes asking for help is necessary. In this activity, students are tasked to try to find their way out of a maze. The trick is that the maze has no real exit and the only way to get out is to ask for help and be led out of the maze.

1-2-3 FOR ME

Relevant Modules: Module 3 & Module 4
1-2-3 for Me is a brief lesson to help students learn about self-advocacy and how it can help them manage challenges they may face. This lesson provides clear steps for approaching situations in which they need to advocate for themselves and evaluating the best course of action to address the issue.


Relevant Module: Module 4
The Conflict Style Quiz helps students reflect on how they tend to manage conflict in their own lives. In this activity, students will take a quiz to assess their dominant conflict style, learn about a variety of styles, and learn how different styles can help manage conflict in different situations.


Relevant Module: Module 5
Time Crunch helps students think about strategies for managing their time. In this activity, students are given a list of activities to complete in just three minutes. As time goes on, they will begin to realize that completing everything on their list is most likely impossible. After the activity is done, students discuss challenges they faced and brainstorm ways that they could have managed time better to complete their tasks if they were able to change the activity rules.


Relevant Module: Module 5
This fun activity teaches students basic concepts of budgeting using beans and a budget game board depicting different expense categories. Not every student starts off when the same amount of beans to spend and unexpected expenses provide an opportunity to practice prioritization when it comes to spending.