Maximizing Impact

4 What’s Next is a universal program that was designed to resonate with every student preparing for the transition to what’s next. It can be implemented in a variety of settings including high school or middle school classes, peer leader organizations, youth service agencies, school clubs, youth groups, sports teams, and more!

Making a Difference

84% of pilot participants said they are more prepared to handle stress and distress after 4 What’s Next.

4 What’s Next is creating and fostering conversations around mental health for young adults. Pre- and post- survey analysis indicates significant change in students’ knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of stress distress, and mental health. Data suggests that after the program, participants are better equipped to handle stress and distress and are more resilient because of it.

“I believe this program is extremely influential in students’ lives and helps them prepare for their new journey. I hope that more institutions will consider implementing this program to ensure the best possible outcome for their students’ futures.” –Program Facilitator