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Define distress and understand that actions one takes can positively or negatively influence mental health


At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
  • Recognize that they can act in ways that improve mental health
  • Define distress and identify what it looks like for them
  • Explain the purpose and elements of the 4 What’s Next Framework™

Lesson Outline

PART 1 | Stress and Distress

1.1 Personal expressions & sources of stress
1.2 Define distress
1.3 Role of personal action to improve mental health

PART 2 | Mental Health & the 4 What’s Next Mental Health Scale

2.1 Discuss mental health
2.2 Mental Health Scale video
2.3 Discussion

PART 3 | Introduction to the 4 What’s Next™ Program & Framework

3.1 4 What’s Next™ program purpose and overview
3.2 Introduce the 4 What’s Next Framework™

PART 4 | Optional Wrap Up