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Discover collaborative methods for coping with distress


At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
  • Decide when to reach out and assess effectiveness
  • Identify a variety of resources for help and understand when more intensive outside help is needed

Lesson Outline

PART 1 | Introduction

1.1 Setting the stage for Module 3: Reach Out
1.2 Define Reach Out

PART 2 | Building Reach Out Support Webs

2.1 Introduce 4 What’s Next Reach Out Support Webs
2.2 Create personalized 4 What’s Next Reach Out Support Webs
2.3 Discussion

PART 3 | When to Reach Out and assess level of support needed

3.1 When to respond with Reach Out
3.2 When to know you need more intensive help
3.3 Assessing effectiveness

PART 4 | Optional wrap-up