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Learn to apply the 4 What’s Next Framework to relevant stressors


At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
  • Understand the connection between mental health and distress related to time and money
  • Learn how to identify wants and needs in both present and future contexts
  • Apply the 4 What’s Next Framework to the concepts of time and money

Lesson Outline

PART 1 | Introduction

1.1 Introduce time scenario
1.2 Discuss

PART 2 | Present-Future-Wants-Needs Matrix

2.1 Explain the purpose and components of the PFWN Matrix
2.2 Relate scenario to matrix
2.3 Address the importance of context
2.4 Independent practice

PART 3 Framework Application Practice

3.1 Applying to the 4 What’s Next Framework
3.2 Discussion

PART 4 | Optional wrap-up